Striped Moroccan Kilim Runner

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  • Multi-colored Stripes
  • 81"L x 22"W
  • One of a Kind

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Moroccan Kilim's are flat weave rugs designed and handwoven by women of Northern African Berber tribes. Often times made from wool, cotton, and cactus silk, smaller sizes are commonly used as prayer mats, but can be hug as textile wall art, or layered on each other or over larger rugs to define space and create interest.

The motifs and tribal symbols reflect back to those seen in rock art and cave paintings and their meanings have been passed down through generations. Typically, designs symbolize fertility, sexuality, survival, and tell the story of the weavers life. The concentric diamond is protection against the evil eye and while bird, frog, and camels highlight a connection to nature. The richly colored henna dyes used also have a story to tell. The blue hue of wisdom is seen painted on each inch of the pearl city, Chefchaouen. As the background of the Moroccan flag, red, represents bravery & strength.

As Irregularities are typical, we believe they add to the charm. In a perfect marriage of symbolism and utility, having a Moroccan rug in your home will not only be a beautiful floor covering, but will also protect from negative energy and be a cherished talisman for years to come.