Travel Toiletry Bag Must Haves

Toiletries always seem to be every travelers biggest packing nightmare - so many little containers, so many restrictions (we're talking to you TSA). Of course you want to look and feel your best when you're traveling, but you simply can't bring everything from your bathroom at home. 

Here are our best tips on optimizing the space, keeping liquids to a minimum, and some of our fave products!

Liquid Woes No More

Liquids are heavier, and if you're carrying on your luggage, you're limited to fitting everything under 3.4 fl ounces into a clear quart sized bag....which fills up QUICK! Not to mention you're at risk for spills or explosions. 

The main trick here is to swap as many liquids for solids, start with Deodorant and Face are perfect for a shorter trips and solid Shampoo & Conditioner and soap bars last forever. A powdered dry shampoo is another easy swap to free up space. 

Multi Use

Get more bang by swapping for products that work double duty. You could reduce your make up brushes by half by opting for something double sided for eyes, face, & lips/cheeks. This rosebud salve makes great lip balm, cuticle oil, and hand moisturizer. Dr. Bronners castile soap is a lifesaver with a million uses from laundry and cleaning to head to toe washing. Instead of packing eye shadows, blush, and highlighter separately, opt for an all in one palette with coordinating shades. Lastly, we never leave home without coconut oil! It can take off the most stubborn of make up, smooth fly aways, shaving cream, and moisturizer- this tube is perfect for travel.

Tiny, Better Packaging, or Reusable

This compact razor is the perfect size for on the go. You'll want to have a tiny first aid kit just in case.  Obviously you'll want to find as many travel sized products as possible, right now we're really into this hairsprayToothpaste and 

Most fragrances are available in a rollerball tube for application and hardly take up any space. Don't forget to save the mini floss from your dentist, it's perfect for travel. Refillable tubes and tubs allow you to fill at home and bring along your favorites and create less waste. 

Instead of packing tampons and pads, opt for for a reusable menstrual cup it's not only a space saver, but better for your body & environment.

Now that you have all of your toiletries gathered, you'll need the perfect case to carry them. Pick something that can stand up on it's own on your counter or hangs from a hook, that offers some organization, and that can be cleaned easily. Here's our faves:


If you're carrying on ditch the flimsy zip lock and start with a TSA approved clear zippered pouch like one of these, they are far cuter and more sturdy.

Now you know all of our secret travel tricks, download our free 3 piece packing list for your next trip!

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