How to Prep, Plan, & Never Overpack Again

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Packing!

It's always easier to complete any task when you have a plan and packing is no different. Without an effective packing plan you're bound to overpack, forget essential items, and be totally stressed. Before your next trip set some time aside one week before you leave to establish your packing plan and we promise you'll pack lighter, faster, and be more organized.

1. Establish Your Packing Plan 

Firstly you'll need to decide which luggage you'll take. Don't forget to check the size and weight limits of your airline. Will you be checking your luggage or carrying it on and will that impact what luggage you choose? We always reccomend starting with the smallest piece possible to avoid overpacking from the start. 

You'll want to set aside time in your calendar to actually gather and fold your clothes and place everything into your luggage. If you know you're attending a friends birthday dinner the night before your 6am flight, you don't want to be packing after a few glasses of wine. Take it from us, you'll want to avoid last minute packing at all costs. 

2. Review your Packing List

Always pack from a list, that way you know you won't forget anything. If you don't have one, you can download ours for free below. Go through the list ahead of time and cross off anything you won't need and add in special items for your trip. 


At this time you'll want to do an initial edit. If you only typically apply a face mask on occasion at home, then do you really need to bring it with you on a week long trip?

Think through your daily makeup, hair, and skin care routine and if it's not something you use every day or every other day then you can probably live without it on your vacationSame goes for clothes, unless you got is especially for this trip, you probably won't wear that shirt you never wear at home. Check if your hotel provides hair dryers, irons, and toiletries (most do!). For all other liquids pour them into smaller travel sized bottles and place medications into small bags for what you'll need to the duration of the trip.

Decide if there's items that can easily be purchased at your destination or shared between you and your travel buddy. If you're carrying on your luggage on,  you'll need to follow the strict TSA policy of 1 quart size zip lock bag and liquids under 3fl oz, and trust us, this baggie fills up quick. Portion out any meds into a tiny bag. If you're traveling with a partner, touch base with them to see what can be shared - blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and laptops are space hogs and heavy, so sharing could free up more space for souvenirs.

Make note of things you need to purchase, since you started your packing plan early, you'll have plenty of time to replace the tube of your favorite mascara and buy that swan pool float for your besties bach party.

3. Plan Your Outfits

First brainstorm what kind of activities you'll be doing on your trip. Will you be doing yoga, workouts, or hiking? Are there formal dinners or events? Is it hot during the day, but cool at night? Is there a chance of rain?

It's essential to know what you'll be doing and the local weather to make sure you have everything you need, and nothing that you don't! Start by filling in the outfit planner, you can download it for free here:


Keep these top tips in mind where you're outfit planning:

  • Choose a consistent color palette so items can be easily mixed at matched. You can get more wear out of dark colors.
  • Check the items you want to pack are free of stains, holes, and fit you well. 
  • Plan for no more than 3 pairs of shoes, plan to wear the bulkiest pair and pack the other two. Make sure they comfortable and won't give you blisters. 
  • Plan for 2 to 3 tops for every one bottom. 
  • Mix in scarves, belts, and jewelry to dress up basic items and create different options for your basics. 
  • Pick one clutch or bag that can go with everything. 
  • Pick a bikini bottom that matches 2 different tops. 
  • If it's cool, select a jacket or or sweater that goes with all your other options.

There you have it, you're almost ready for your big trip you just have to get it all into your suitcase so be sure to come back for our next blog - Solving the Packing Puzzle for our best tips to organizing, folding, and stuffing everything into your bag! 


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  • LOVE THIS POST! As an overpacker, I tend to freak out when it comes to packing. I never thought about packing specific outfits though or picking a consistent color palette! That would make my packing a lot easier. Great tips!

  • Awesome tips here! Will keep them in mind when I travel home to Canada next month. I have a feeling it will be hard not to buy a lot of things to bring back to Berlin with me. :)

    Cheryl Howard
  • Great tips! I’m the worst for packing the things that I never use at home but suddenly feel like I have to take it with me! And such a good idea to start with the smallest luggage and aim to just use that.

    Laura Sellwood

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